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A Tulum Day: Ruins by the Sea

SunnyDay Mercantile

The Tulum Ruins are the most romantic of the those that dot the Yucatan Peninsula.  Perched high above a turquoise sea you can almost picture a Mayan king and the sacrificial virgin standing on the rocks, loin cloths blowing in the wind, underneath a full moon, the virgin asking "So now, when does the apocolpayse fall on the calendar this year?"  

After several weeks in the Yucatan, and numerous stops at various archeological sites my memory card started to get pretty full with pictures of grey rocks, so photographing Tulum was a welcome change of pace.  The blue of the water,  and lushness of the vegetation provided a beautiful contrast to the ancient stone.   And then there was the Iguanas! I equate them to the monkeys that litter the temples of Bali, living on sacred ground makes them sacred animals, and therefore are left alone to multiple and rule the joint.  The iguanas of Tulum have that same comfortable cockiness, they look you in the eye, pose for the picture and are the only things allowed to climb on the ruins.