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An Eleuthera Day: Right at Home

SunnyDay Mercantile

Highlighting Sea Cliff Cottage seemed like the most natural place to begin sharing my ten days in Eleuthera with you.  Before this trip I had never rented a house for a vacation, and I must tell you, doing so forever changed my perspective on what it is like to truly relax while away.  

Doing nothing and getting away from it all are common goals for most beach retreats, but having your own space and time takes this to a whole different level.  You eat when you want to, you don't have to worry about what time the restaurant closes.  If you need a gin and tonic, you just get up and make it - exactly how you like it.  You don't have housekeeping, but not making the bed is a treat in itself.  

A perfect day at Sea Cliff Cottage looked a bit like this:  

Wake up with the sun and sea breeze streaming into the loft windows.  Maybe you get up or maybe you doze for a bit longer.  When you're ready, climb down the ladder and simultaneously start the coffee pot and put on some Bebel Gilberto.  Then immediately open up all six double doors that turn your 500 square foot bungalow into a breezy, open, ocean front space.  

After a breakfast, refill your coffee, grab your book and move out onto the deck.  See if there are any sea turtles swimming lazily around the rocks.  Then, settle in with some Bob Marley, close your eyes, listen to the wind and the waves.  

The sun is high above and it's getting hot, must be time for a drink and some lunch.  Fish tacos, Kalik, and a few tracks by Citizen Cope are on the menu today.  Maybe later you take the bikes to town and get some fresh fish for dinner.  If that is too much work you can always call Andrew and he'll bring today's catch up to the house for you.  

The sun is getting low in the West and the water is turning from turquoise to lavender.  It's time to light the mosquito coils, open the champagne and wait for the sunset.  

When twilight arrives it's time to close up the house and start dinner.  Fresh grouper and fried plantains tonight. Then, with a full belly, sun kissed skin, and a happy heart put yourself to bed and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.  

If you are interested in this experience check out Sea Cliff Cottage on VRBO here.  The whole process of renting was very easy and well organized.  Daniel the owner and Phillip the caretaker made sure we had everything we needed for the week including a lot of great information about the island, and help arranging transportation. The cottage's location on Eleuthera is very central which makes getting around to key places like Harbour Island, Governors Harbour, and the Glass Window Bridge easy, although I would recommend renting a car.  While Gregory Town and Surfer's Beach are nearby the bike ride is very hilly and sometimes unpaved. 

Bringing a few snacks and items to help you cook is a good idea as the Seven-to-Eleven (the closest grocery) carries only the essentials when it comes to food and produce.  Also, that Veuve you saw was NOT bought on this island.  If you have a taste for a special type of booze when on vacation, I suggest you pack it - you can bring up to one liter of alcohol into the Bahamas.  

Add in a few swim suits, a good book, and your favorite music and you should be more than set for your time on Eleuthera.