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St. Petersburg, FL

Exceptionally Curated Gifting.  

SUNNYDAY was created from the spirit of giving and receiving the perfect gift.  We ensure that any day, anywhere, can be sunny. 



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SunnyDay Mercantile

This gift box is the one that started it all.

A few years ago I was faced with the challenge of making a gift for a friend battling cancer.  Awkwardly, I did not know what to give so I turned to the all knowing Google.  What I found in my search was so disappointing.  Every care package available online was full of fuzzy socks, head wraps and if to say "Hey sick person, here's a box of stuff you'll need when you're sick." 

I rejected that notion, and decided that beauty was the answer.

Beautiful things, selected with love (in my opinion) are so much more a necessity during such a challenging chapter of life.

This gift box and this company are the evolution of that very first box and this very simple idea:

Give Thoughtfully and Give Often. 

Because BEAUTY can inspire hope, HOPE can inspire love, and LOVE can change the world... or at the very least someone's day.



With Love and Light Sunnies.

Know someone who could use a little H O P E, you can shop this gift H E R E.