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A La Jolla Day: Sunset at Windansea Beach

SunnyDay Mercantile

Coming from Florida, I know a thing or two about posting up at golden hour and saluting the end of a beach day, but in La Jolla there is a sunset culture like none I have ever experienced.  I say culture because I'm not sure there is any other way to describe it, every night is a community event.  As the sun would start to dip low over the Pacific, friends and neighbors would gather to line the sidewalks and seawalls.  Some surfed, others cooked dinner on hibachis, many just sat and waited.  It was so unlike the sterotypical beach front, laminated menu, happy hour, daiquiri dappled sunset that so many beach communities pander to tourists with all over the world.  Instead, it felt like a special daily ritual for a group of people who were lucky enough to call La Jolla home.  After seeing this night after night, I did my best to capture that communal, endless summer vibe that feels so California and so good.  Enjoy.