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St. Petersburg, FL

Exceptionally Curated Gifting.  

SUNNYDAY was created from the spirit of giving and receiving the perfect gift.  We ensure that any day, anywhere, can be sunny. 


A SunnyDay:  Quote of the Week


A SunnyDay: Quote of the Week

SunnyDay Mercantile

As the rest of the country braces for a super snowstorm this quote reminds how grateful I am to live by the water and feel the sunshine, even in the depths of winter.  I know there are people out there that feel the same about the snow and crisp cold air - I don't understand those people - but that is why we all don't live in the same place.  Be grateful for where you are this week, and what blessings it brings, God knows every now and then I wouldn't turn down a snow day.  

~Lightness and Love