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A Chuburna Puerto Day:  Beach Resort of the Zombie Apocalypse


A Chuburna Puerto Day: Beach Resort of the Zombie Apocalypse

SunnyDay Mercantile

You have never heard of Chuburná Puerto.  You have never read an article about it in a travel magazine and if you try to look it up on Instagram you will find exactly 128 posts, half of which are blurry photos of random locals fishing.  I had never heard of it either, which is why I decided to spend a week there.  

In a desperate search for somewhere reasonable and safe to stay for New Years, I stumbled upon this AirBNB rental.  The listing described Chuburná as "charming little fishing village" and I was excited about the prospect of being far, far away from all of the debauchery that would be happening along the Riviera Maya.  

Driving into Chuburná Puerto I quickly realized that this town was truly "off grid" namely because all the roads were sand and the GPS definitely did not know where we were.  While our stay in this little town was lovely and filled with long days in the sun, we rarely saw another human being. That combined with the penetrating silence that fell between the concrete block buildings and you can see why we dubbed Chuburná the Beach Resort of the Zombie Apocalypse.  

I compare it to the movie Zombieland. If you know the scene where Bill Murray puts on stage makeup to look like a zombie so he can blend in and still "get out" without getting attacked, then you will understand why this place would not be noticed if the world fell into despair.  Even still, there was a beauty in the peeling pastel paint, the way time has crumbled the sea walls into the water, and what sunset looks like on a dirt road.