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St. Petersburg, FL

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SUNNYDAY was created from the spirit of giving and receiving the perfect gift.  We ensure that any day, anywhere, can be sunny. 



A St. Pete Day: 31 Sunsets

courtney helene

As a teenager vacationing in Florida I was taught to watch for the green flash at sunset.  The flash is elusive.  It is an optical phenomena, or perhaps illusion, that occurs right after the sun sets.  Sometimes green rays or spots are visible at the exact moment the sun sinks into the horizon.  

I prefer the less scientific, more Pirates of the Caribbean version of the story.  A legend that was popularized by Jules Vernes and old Scottish lore explains that:

"If one were to peer in the light of the green flash they would gain the power to read the very soul of the other people thy met'.

A little over a month ago I washed up on the Florida gulf coast. 

Well, without exaggeration I actually drove over from Texas, but I felt washed up.  While the journey to get here was challenging, my green flash, my small hopeful ray of light on the horizon was knowing one day soon I would be coming back to this place that I love.  

To celebrate my first month back as a Floridian I am sharing with you 31 sunsets.  Each day I've looked for that pesky green ray so that I can borrow the power Mr. Vernes prophesied.  But now that I'm settling in to life here I'm beginning to think that I've already harnessed it, as I've met myself again and seen into part of my soul I hadn't visited in a while.