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A Marley Day: Saying Goodbye

courtney helene

Today would have been my sweet Marley's 12th Birthday.  

With sadness in my heart I report that he passed away just a few weeks shy of his 84th Dog Year. 

He left this earth gently, on his own, at the Painted Sky Farm in Wacahoota, Florida.  

A place he loved more than anywhere else in the world.

As I look back on the many years I was blessed to have this rotten dog in my life there are a few things that I, and anyone who ever met or cared for Marley, will never forget with a smile....

His Refined Taste

Bread, trash and cat poop topping the list. 

His Smell

How soft he was after a bath and how awful his farts could be.

His Talent for being Lazy

If cuddling were a sport he would have been a decorated champion. 

Sunday Afternoon Naps

His Vocabulary

"Do You?"  He always seemed to know exactly what you were saying.

His Stubbornness

He had an iron will and always got what he wanted.

His Good Looks

He was a handsome devil and carried himself with confidence, even when he had a cone.

His Bark

At every door bell whether it was real or on the T.V.

His Sense of Humor

Stamping his feet to get attention, playing Keep Away and Hide & Seek, the way he destroyed toys.  Marley was a rascal and knew how to be funny.


His Aloofness

There is comfort in having a dog who isn't fast friends with everyone he meets.  The more you wanted to knowhim the less interested he became in you.

His Brotherly Love

How much he cared for his spoiled little (as in younger) sister Whiskey.

Marley, thank you for letting me into your pack.  I won my way into your heart with bologna sandwiches and in the end you were so much more to me than a dog. You were my protector, my friend, my sweet baby bear, and you taught me what it means to love unconditionally.  

Every time I miss the sound of your collar, I will just picture you out in the fields, roaming down the fence line, smelling the breeze and basking in the sunshine, forever a happy boy.

Our last morning together. 

Goodbye Old Man. 

And if all dogs go to heaven, then someone please let God know to put the bread on top of the fridge.